Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Color Is Still On For Colorado Springs

A few days back I lamented the early stripping of the trees due to a strong storm that was coming through the Front Range. While the storm made the usual mess of limbs and leaves, it wasn’t so severe that it closed October down early on us.

My favorite aspens in my neighbor’s back yard are a little thinned out, but still quite beautiful:

The above photo is from this afternoon. The following are from a walk I took through the neighborhood greenbelts the day after Sunday’s storm. We’re smack in the middle of that most wonderful month on the North American calendar, and looking very much the part.

Halloween and my birthday aside, what I really love about this month is the light shines in a way you never see at any other time of the year. You’d think there would be one other time as the sun takes the same position in the sky on its way back north after the solstice, but no. 

Below is the view of Pikes Peak from the eastern end of Frontier Park behind my house. The storm left quite a bit of snow on the mountains. 

This may be my last October in the state of Colorado so this is, as they say, bittersweet. Once my son graduates, we hope to sell the house and move to upstate South Carolina. Wherever you are, here’s hoping it’s at least half as pretty.