Friday, October 31, 2014

Sending All Hallows Off Softly into an Icy November Breeze

I was unable to find a decent copy of “I Talk to the Wind” on YouTube. At least not one from the original album, In the Court of the Crimson King: An Observation by King Crimson. Instead, I found this video of John Wetton, Ian McDonald, and Steve Hackett performing the song live. 

John Wetton was the bassist and singer for King Crimson for years. Ian McDonald was the mastermind behind the music for the title track of Crimson’s first album, as well as this song, for which he played all the woodwinds on the original. Steve Hackett was the original guitar player for Genesis, and he seems lost on this song. He’s adequate, and can’t be blamed—this is not a simple piece, and it’s done heartfelt, or not at all.

It’s not the original, but it’s nice to hear, all the same. Wetton and McDonald put a good effort into this. It’s a Crimson thing. Most wouldn’t, couldn’t understand.

Anyway, this is the song I like to send Halloween off with. Haunting, sad, and yet...and yet....

By the way, Ian McDonald would later go on to found Foreigner. Yes, Foreigner. Hey, a body’s got to pay the bills.

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good night!