Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Random George Carlin Moment, Part 2

When it came to explaining things, we used to break it down for our listener, as in, “There’s a lot going on in this article/story/episode/blogpost rant. Let’s break it down.” Now we unpack, as in, “This is a really loaded article/story/episode/ blogpost rant with much to unpack, so let’s begin.”

Whether this change from breaking things down to unpacking is good or bad, or what American English language maven George Carlin would have made of this, is speculation. Speculate away. It’s a beautiful Sunday. I’m taking a walk.

Incidentally, my first random George Carlin moment was three and one-half years ago in my second blog post ever. I’d thought these short, sweet little observations in the vein of America’s last great truth-teller comedian would occur more frequently, but here we are. Happy October 2014. Seriously, if the weather’s nice, you need to take yourself outside.

Sic transit gloria October.