Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Notes on a Pleasantly Warm and Quiet Summer's Evening

I’ve been slowly building Chapter 1 of my third book from outline, and what’s coming off my fingertips still surprises me. It’s true, structure really does unleash the creativity. The Wrong Kind of Dead is going to be layered with all kinds of deep, dark goodness.

The downside of that is I already should be done with Chapter 1. This is taking longer than I’d like. Gotta pick up the pace! Summer’s almost gone.

A layer of clouds has settled in, trapping the heat. Tonight must be race night on Woodmen Road, because I can hear the engines roar along those wide six lanes between the hospital on the high ridge to the east and the shopping center a couple of terraces down from me. 

It doesn’t bother us when we sleep. I rather like knowing there’s some kind of life going on out there while I quietly drink my beer and contemplate the best way to wrap Chapter 1.

Crickets now. Back to work. I should be doing something to promote my books, but you know what? Let’s give it a rest. I think I covered it all pretty well in the last post. For the time being. Tonight, I drink beer, and push my way to the end of Chapter 1 of Book 3.

Ah, summertime.