Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Cool Send Off to a Long Month

It’s 58 degrees Fahrenheit at 1:36 p.m. The cycle of drizzle/rain has started again. My throat is sore from post-nasal drip. Some hot decaf chai tea and a nap would be perfect right now. But first....

Is it hot where you are? Call the Ice Witch!
She'll cool your jets.
What a month. Seems like a year ago already since I did that last temp gig hustling fuel additives at King Sooper’s gas stations from South Academy Boulevard to the corner of North Union and Briargate Parkway. The Fourth was a curiously subdued affair, but I enjoyed having my grown daughter over to visit. 

I finally shouldered off the rewrite of Grace Among the Dead to Severed Press on the 7th, wrote the jacket copy on the 13th, and anticipated one more read-through. No, the publisher was done waiting on my slow ass (and who could blame them?) and my second novel hit Kindle on the 17th, with the paperback available on the 28th.

The first chapter to Book 3, The Wrong Kind of Dead, went into production on the 23rd. I’ve got so much bad craziness going on those eight pages I’ve had to take a break before moving on. That, and I landed another temp gig. I’m not yet in a position to turn these things down. At least I’m indoors this time.

Sometime around the 26th I got an email from the proprietor of Luzifer Verlag. The German translation of Bleeding Kansas is done, and the book is set to drop in the ancestral homeland on 23 October. It already has its own page at the (German) site.

I write all this, not to boast, but to remind myself the month wasn’t a total wash. It feels that way, especially when the weather is unnatural, you’re feeling a little sick, you’re tired, and that third book still isn’t writing itself.