Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Weird, Wet Summer Winds Down

It’s safe to say we’ve endured the last of our 90-degree Fahrenheit days for 2014. I can also say I’ve seen the eeriest weather ever today: all-day rain in Colorado Springs. When I drove to Marietta, South Carolina, last year, my host apologized for all the rain we had during my short visit. He seemed incredulous when I told him he had nothing to apologize for, that I’d missed such peaceful, quiet days where the rain falls softly, but steadily all day and into the night.

Such dark, gray tranquility feels unnatural back in Colorado. On the other hand, any year in which we’re not exploding into flames is a good one here in the land of 300 Days of Sunshine. I’ll take it.

The view northeast from my driveway 13 months ago as the Black Forest Fire set about destroying some 500 homes. The year before, the Waldo Canyon Fire laid its stench across us on the hot days so that we couldn’t open our windows at night. This is seriously inconveniencing when you don’t have air conditioning.