Thursday, July 17, 2014

GRACE AMONG THE DEAD Available in Kindle!

I thought that this might happen. Hell, why wait another week? Forget the final read-through; I’ll be tweaking everything when it comes time to package the omnibus edition.

Today’s headline was supposed to be about production starting on Book 3, The Wrong Kind of Dead. Then I found myself added to the Google circle of another post-apocalypse writer, whose interests focus on survival in a world without technology. These interests have “cross-pocalypse” applications, and are of especial utility for those real-life apocalypses as they may occur. 

These items deserve posts of their own. For right now, let’s jump and shout for the release of Grace Among the Dead on Kindle. It’s been a long year’s writing and an even longer four weeks post-production.

I don’t have a copy of the back cover yet, but this is the text I wrote for it Sunday. The first graf serves double-duty as the logline:


Derek Grace returned from his Kansas adventure too late for his teenage children. Losing himself in booze, books, pills, and the occasional killing spree among the undead, a stowaway and her fatal secret flush the Dead Silencer out of hiding and back into a busy post-apocalypse in progress, where he must decide whether life is worth living when he’s already lost everything that matters.

Grace is taken in by the leadership of Abundant Life, a former Colorado Springs megachurch that has established a settlement of survivors in the shelter of a high wooded ridge to the north of the city. Another outsider, Isaiah Sparks has corrupted the church with “necessary” brutality in his capacity as Deacon of Security. Younger, stronger, smarter, he’s determined to run the settlement his way behind the scenes. Grace is Abundant Life’s best hope to return the settlement to its benevolent beginnings —and he knows he’s outmatched.

Yet two women, a young, blonde ditz and a widowed, PTSD-haunted veteran, come to Grace with good news. Agnes speaks in terms of “force multipliers,” and the one she has in mind had better be good, because a rogue deacon is the least of their worries. The living dead who rule the world at large are changing. Becoming more aggressive. Smarter. More than one man with a 20-inch African cane-cutter can hope to handle.


Let it be known for the record that Thursday, 17 July 2014, was a very good day.