Friday, January 31, 2014

Gray Daze

Damn, didn’t it snow just two days ago? We got a nice snowfall in Colorado last night; we got more this afternoon. At least the temperatures are reasonable, none of this single-digits and teens madness. It’s the end of January, better known as “the dead of winter” here in the Northern Hemisphere, so all is as it should be. I’ll be complaining about the heat soon enough. 

That said, I haven’t seen it snow this hard since I lived in Anchorage. We’ve been long overdue for a good dumping in Colorado Springs. I’d feel a lot better about it if I didn’t have to pick my daughter up after work. Or work a photo shoot all day tomorrow. 

With luck, that’s all canceled. Between the Great Purging of my closet and Act III of Grace Among the Dead, I’ve got too much to do. These are scenes I captured pointing and shooting the camera while driving northbound on I-25 into north Colorado Springs. This is before the next band came through that dropped another three to four inches on my neighborhood.

Of course, the prettiest sight for me is from the warmth of my living room, looking out the picture window.

So. Are you snowed in? Would you like a little apocalyptic adventure? With zombies? In a warm, summery setting? Have I got a book for you.

I’ll be re-posting the excerpts from Bleeding Kansas I ran earlier last year, so don’t panic if you’re a longtime reader (i.e., since last year) and see anything familiar on the blog.

It's the weekend. February Eve. Super Bowl weekend.  Our passage across that part of the year I call the Void continues. We'll all be complaining about the wildfires and heat before we know it. Trust me.