Thursday, January 16, 2014


I really don’t want to do this. But I said I would do it on the Ides, and today’s the day—and there aren’t much of those Ides left, so here goes.

I’d wanted to wait until I was finished with the novel, at the very least finished with the temp job that’s been cramping my schedule. I wanted some hellacious fine digital art. I wanted to be done with that damned Mesquite font.

But this is the army I’m going to war with right now. Here, a few photos of my still-shaping-up desk, and then the reveal. If you’re sharp, you’ll see the title for the second book in the The Saga of the Dead Silencer in the first photo.

I came up with the title on New Year’s Eve and immediately printed up a title page so it would focus my thoughts as I finished the book. One can work a narrative without a title—obviously, as I’ve been doing it for so long—but it’s weird. Not a good weird, either. 

Yes, this desk is a mess.

The Gil Elvgren calendar on the right is a recent addition as of yesterday. My wife found it on sale for four bucks.

And here you have it. Why it took all the way until the very last day of 2013 to figure out a way to exploit Derek Grace’s name for a decent zombie fiction title is a mystery known only to the therapist I can no longer afford (but whose handwritten messages of encouragement still decorate the wall around my desk).

That’s right, apocalypse and gore fans: Coming Summer 2014: GRACE AMONG THE DEAD, Book 2 in The Saga of the Dead Silencer!

I must admit, that wasn’t so bad. I feel better already.