Friday, January 10, 2014

A Couple of Days Off

It’s been a long, forced march since the day after New Year’s. Finally, I can enjoy a weekend—the second weekend of the year is actually my first. This play with numbers seems to be a trending them with me, given that my second novel is actually my third. What does it mean? Who cares; I’m tired.

Besides, the bigger news is I’m going in on Monday. I’d expected this job to be up on the 6th of the month. Given the delivery crisis with all carriers last month due to the weather, we’re getting late shipments, and they want their best guy to bust ‘em all down. I’ll give this through Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. As badly as I want to apply my new 2014 discipline to finishing the second book in The Saga of the Dead Silencer, I can’t turn down the beer this money will buy me.

While we’re here, I might as well mention that Bleeding Kansas is now available only in paperback. Severed Press and I are revising, rebranding, and readying a kickass second edition. Same story, but built for speed, with far fewer adverbs and digressions. Also, a much more vibrant cover. This will make the original paperback here something of a collector’s item. (Emphasis on “something of.”) 

I’ve got to be ready by the time she finishes
Bleeding Kansas!
As for when this Kindle re-launch will happen, I’m thinking it will be shortly after I finish my title-to-be-announced second novel in the series. I’d like to do it that way, anyway; re-launch book #1 with the debut of book #2.

I have a title for book #2, by the way, and it’s a corker. It needs an accompanying graphic and copy before I inflict it upon the world. I’ll see what I can do this weekend. No promises. I do need to finish this thing soon, though. The entire novel. Right after I blow an entire week’s paycheck on new tires to replace the Kojak slicks on my Jeep...let’s pray that’s the only worldly nonsense getting in my way these next two days off.