Sunday, January 26, 2014


After a few weeks off the Kindle market Bleeding Kansas is back in black:

I note with bemused satisfaction that this is the book’s third cover, along with the original and the German-language version available from Luzifer-Verlag. What I especially like about this, though, is the text within has been digitally remastered from the original Word 2010 files, with most of the noise and hiss removed. The prickly observations Derek Grace made about his fellows in the first edition that so many found offensive are gone. A scene involving the death of a special needs child that readers also found distasteful was removed. 

In sanding down the edges, I believe I have a better story here. Derek Grace is still a man undergoing a rather catastrophic career change in a bad economy gone worse, but the bitterness that informed the author when the book was first written has since dissipated. The book moves a lot faster for the shed baggage.

That said, if you prefer a jaded antihero making running color commentary in a shamelessly cruel post-apocalyptic landscape, the original, unexpurgated story is still available, if only in paperback. For $11.98 USD ($8.99 paperback + $2.99 Kindle) you can compare and contrast the two narratives and make up your own mind what works better.

All arguments aside, I expect the $2.99 Kindle price point to do the deciding for most people. And I’m fine with that. Especially the “all arguments aside” part. 

Thanks to the good people at Severed PressBleeding Kansas is back and better than ever, from the front cover to the very last page. Now to get back to work finishing that long overdue sequel....