Thursday, December 31, 2015

State of the Apocalypse: New Year's Eve 2015

A partial report, thank God.

In the interests of physical and psychic self-preservation, I have resolved to never again put off my grocery and liquor shopping until New Year’s Eve. The mellow vibe I’ve enjoyed since Christmas took a hard hit today.

Thanks to other resolutions adopted and prosecuted throughout this last quarter of 2015, however, I’ve rebounded. I’m going into 2016, not as from a starting gun, but roaring past the line at speed.

It looks idiotically, condescendingly simple as I type it out, but I learned this lesson the hard way: don’t put off until some arbitrary date to start doing something. Just get on that shit the minute you decide it’s something you need to do. If it’s something you needed to do yesterday, it needs to start now.

The view driving to the library today to dump off some books I’ve been dragging around forever, some since the 1970s and 1980s. I’m throwing out a lot of stuff in anticipation of a move back East I’m not so sure I want to do anymore, given all the unnatural warmth and rain they’ve had there, and all the wintry beauty we’ve had here this season. I’m done with this neighborhood, but Colorado itself will be hard to leave.

I end 2015 at page 230 of The Wrong Kind of Dead, Chapter 27. I might get a little further before I pop the cap from the sparkling wine in time for midnight and salute the fireworks blazing from the summit of Pikes Peak, but I’ll leave these numbers for posterity. I was so happy to finish Chapter 26, “In-Flight Horror Movies,” last night. It was a major crawl forward, as this 34-page monstrosity not only takes us through the Fun and Games part of the narrative, but introduces a sinister twist to the undead, while setting up all the pieces to be knocked down. That chapter had a lot riding on it. Now for the mean part. Then comes the Terrible Vengeance. Oh Lord, that’s gonna be a lollapalooza....

This Captain America mug I got for
Christmas holds a full pint of coffee.
There are no more excuses now.
It’s good to have something to look forward to. I’m especially looking forward to getting a solid zombie apocalypse adventure narrative put to bed. The DEAD SILENCER has been rolling on years past the normal sell-by dates for books. Still, it has yet to find a mass audience. 

Actions will be taken to remedy this.

There’s much more to talk about but the hour grows late. I will enjoy tonight’s revels while I can, because a more ascetic approach to living will be key to accomplishing my objectives to 2016.

So let me close the blog for this year with a hearty thanks to all who have stopped by to read my ramblings, my zombie fiction, and maybe bought one of my zombie books. I’ve got more to come, so here’s a heartfelt wish towards your peace and prosperity in 2016, so you can buy more. I won’t pretend I don’t have some self-interest in this.

Seriously, may 2016 be the year you made things change for the better. Many warm regards from my basement office to wherever you’re reading.