Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Final White Christmas?

Growing up in the humid jungle of South Carolina (bless my heart), I ached to experience a Christmas like I saw on TV and in the movies, where it always—always—snowed. Well, I’ve done that, three times in Anchorage, and maybe seven times here in Colorado Springs. Looks like I’m doing it again this year, this time with feeling. 

The forecasts for Christmas Week 2015, where I’m living now, and in the Greenville, SC, area where my wife and I are planning to move. Let’s hope this is just a really bad year for the South, as they actually do entertain temperatures approximating winter sometimes. Ideal Christmas weather conditions as I recall them growing up were 40 degrees F and raining. (Images Copyright © 2015 their respective ABC TV affiliate stations.)

As it well may be for the last time ever, I’m delighted to see a prolonged White Christmas this year. However, I’m also looking forward to spending Christmas 2016 (among other days) with my people back east—and most certainly not looking forward to the freeze-and-thaw cycles Colorado will endure until Memorial Day. If, while growing up in South Carolina, you’d told me the day would come that I would leave a gorgeous, magical land of White Christmases and legal marijuana to return to that unhappy place I would have turned my back and walked away, refusing to answer that insult with a proper punch to the face. Oh, the times, they’ve been a-changin’.