Tuesday, December 15, 2015

All Horror Is Local: Tunnels of Blood

I got this image from the Facebook page of Wonderful World of Horror. One immediately wonders if, a) this is a photo of the actual tunnel described in the caption, and, b) how much traffic passes through it daily.

Of especial interest to my morbid imagination is how it might go for a murderer about to do the deed in such a place already infested with the confused, albeit reflexively vengeful spirits of murdered children. An idea to explore for later...I’m looking forward to branching out with my monsters once I finish writing my SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER

Meanwhile, I note that my city of Colorado Springs has several haunted tunnels up on Gold Camp Road going up into the hills, with curiously similar tales of stopped cars that won’t start again and children’s laughter, etc. Both of my children have spent time there as part of the local teen rite-of-passage. I’m told it’s an eerie, unsettling experience.