Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How the Zombie Apocalypse Began for Derek Grace

What’s neat about the following passage (for me, anyway) is that it describes the premise of BLEEDING KANSAS so succinctly—which had to be done anyway in the second chapter of my second book, GRACE AMONG THE DEAD:

I was away in Kansas City for a job interview as that “early summer cold” began sweeping the globe. (I imagine it was a plain cold in the Southern Hemisphere.) Despite its pandemic nature, most had it easy, just sniffles and coughing.

A few took it hard. My wife, Claire, was one. She was laid out in bed, almost too weak to walk to the bathroom when I left her. We needed that damn job, though, so I left her in the care of my teenage children and flew out. Upon my arrival at the company, 600 miles from my home, I would learn my would-be boss and interviewer had called in sick that same morning. 

Within 48 hours, even those who had it easy went from not-so-bad to worse. Infrastructure support and basic services began shutting down as the early summer cold rebranded as the Final Flu, and the mass die-off began. 

I was locked up in a hotel in a city under martial law as the former flu sufferers clambered out of their mass graves to eat everything warm and alive. The police and National Guard failed, fell, or fled. So I drove, flew, and hacked my way across the Sunflower State to get back to my family in Colorado.

Things came up.

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