Friday, January 09, 2015

Chat du Voltaire Speaks on Recent Events

Getting involved with the #horror accounts on Twitter has proven beneficial in terms of exposure and keeping my book sales going. But perhaps the best thing has been the complete absence of talk of politics or current events. 

Horror fans are all about their horror films and books and stories and illustrations. In their world you have no idea who the president or prime minister is, or what bill in Congress or Parliament is causing the most controversy, or even the latest tragedy we’re told to rend our garments and wail at.

For that, I am beyond grateful. Some time in the near future I’m going to have to comb through my 450+ posts and do a search-and-destroy on anything the least bit political. Rage ‘n’ Romance! will never be a horror blog, per se, as there are too many other things I like to talk about. But horror fans have taught me the value of focusing on the hobby/mission. Getting all worked up one way or another about what’s going on in the world—especially as told to you by a media that has lied before on multiple occasions to serve an agenda—changes nothing of what’s really going on.

Let Chat du Voltaire sum it all up: