Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Zombie Apocalypse Does Keep One Occupied

Some of you, especially my Twitter friends, have been wondering what’s up with that horror blog I was talking about a week ago. Well, stuff came up.

Pages and pages of stuff. Good stuff, too. Really good stuff.

Like this, from page 76 of my third DEAD SILENCER novel in progress, THE WRONG KIND OF DEAD. The “Xenocider” mentioned is the 15-foot-tall monster truck acquired by Derek Grace and his wife Agnes in GRACE AMONG THE DEAD. In the following clip, Derek and Agnes are using it to lead their camp away from an oncoming zombie horde, but Derek has to get out and fight so their convoy can move. We’ll let him tell the story from here:

I jump to the ground and look quickly around. They’re coming in from all sides. I’ve already got six undead homing in on me just outside the wheels of the truck. I run out from under the front of the Xenocider. Once Agnes has me in sight she backs up the truck, then angles around to the left to crush the incoming undead on that flank.

Good God, these monsters are even uglier up close and personal. The flesh remaining on them has leathered, dried, and cracked in the high, arid climate. It was shocking enough watching them go after those bears down the mountain, but to be right here with them.... Once again, these aren’t dumb, shambling things looking for easy meat. These are aggressive creatures who won’t stop coming after you until they are physically disabled from doing so.

A woman in the rags of a dress raises her arms at me and a quick swing of my newly sharpened blade sends them tumbling effortlessly to the pine straw. I have just enough time on the backswing to take her head off, though, because she won’t stop coming. In the seconds I’ve spent taking her out three more are closing in. I sprint towards Elyssa’s SUV, the three joined by four more crossing the street towards me.

I’m yelling at the dead surging three deep around the SUV but no one turns towards me. I had thought the presence of fresh meat would draw them off but they are very focused on the people inside. Brother Christopher and Ethan are ashen-faced, hands gripped about their AR-15s. Elyssa waves merrily at me through the windshield. I can’t see Teresa or Danielle, but I doubt they share Elyssa’s confidence in my abilities.

A quick glance around, and I know I don’t have much time. I can only hope I don’t dull my blade before I run out of dead people to decapitate.

I made it to page 100 last night. I'm very close to putting Act I to bed.

So, that's what I've been up to.

Horror on, my friends. I've got two books of zombie fighting craziness for further reading. In case know. Wants to read a primo zombie tale. Meanwhile, I've got to keep typing while this movie is playing loud and uninterrupted in the IMAX of my head.