Thursday, April 24, 2014

Up with Dead People!

Has it been a week already since I posted? Here’s a snippet of conversation from Chapter 2 of Grace Among the Dead, “Darkness on the Edge of Town”:

“Oh, crap. You left a group behind, didn’t you?”

She can’t meet my eyes. “We…they were starving. Everyone sees you all brave and playing like it’s some crazy kung-fu movie, just coming and going as you please.”

“And no one steps out to introduce themselves?”

“There’s always those…people around.”

“What people? You mean the yellow ones? Or the green ones? The gray, or the off-white and bluish-tinged ones? Let’s hear it for diversity! Here, the rainbow tastes you!”

Which leads me to wonder, whatever happened to United Colors of Bennetton? I remember their posters all over New York City in 1985. 

Eh, forget it. Back to the zombie mines.

If you haven’t read Grace Among the Dead‘s predecessor in the Dead Silencer series, Bleeding Kansas, it’s available in Kindle for the price of a happy hour draft. It’s five o’clock somewhere....

Diversity! It’s what’s for dinner!

Grace Among the Dead: Book 2 of The Saga of the Dead Silencer

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