Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Dead Children Have No Problem Staying Still for Pictures

Once again, my Facebook timeline comes through in the clutch and I can break my dry spell with something worth promoting by way of letting people know I’m still in the game. Or something. Actually, I’m still in the basement. I’ve turned a 103K narrative into a 100K narrative and that’s just Act One, “Decision Points.” Act Two proves a tougher nut to crack but—well, you get the picture. I’m on the case with Grace Among the Dead. He’s cleaning up really nice, too.

Let’s take a break and look at some disturbing photographs. 

Locked Illusions Photography and Digital Artistry is based out of Houston if you’re in the mood for a really different kind of family photo for the grandparents. Zombies are only part of what they do, but they do them very well. Especially the children.

You don’t often see undead children but when you do, it’s a mess.  Not having a lot of mass and meat to begin with, they’re usually thoroughly gnawed over when they’re not (as is most often the case) pulled apart entirely.

These aren’t even the goriest or most disturbing ones. These are, shall we say...the cutest.
Only two walked away from that maddest of mad tea parties. I particularly like how the photographer nailed the washed-out lighting that whisper-screams, “It’s over!” for the living.

No bite marks. I’m guessing she died of starvation and terror, locked in a closet, looking through the slats in the door as the undead ate her family.

Elegance and style aren’t just for vampires, as our Ghastly Trio of fine dead young things demonstrate here.

What I like about the zombies here is their eyes look like the way I imagine them in Bleeding Kansas and Grace Among the Dead: whited over, as if dried for lack of moisturizing tears, and coated with dust. Dead people don’t blink. That said, they can still see movement.

“I love giving my Nana kisses. She’s the best!” 

“Uh, does your Mommy know you’re out here in the yard? Where IS your Mommy?”

Strawberries are always close to Strawberry Dreadlock's heart.

All photographs Copyright © 2014 by Locked Illusions Photography.

Grace Among the Dead: Book 2 of The Saga of the Dead Silencer
Copyright © 2014 
by Lawrence Roy Aiken. All rights reserved.