Monday, April 14, 2014

Meditation on a Blood Moon

I’ve run this Henry Rollins passage before in the context of some emotionally oversaturated “current affairs” media drama. It must have looked like screaming-at-the-TV lunacy to any poor soul who came across it, no doubt looking for something to read about tonight’s Blood Moon.

So, I’ll delete that post and let this stand instead. The following is from Henry Rollins’ book Solipsist, and too important to throw away. Listen:

The moon will never lie to anyone. Be like the moon. No one hates the moon or wants to kill it. The moon does not take antidepressants and never gets sent to prison. The moon never shot a guy in the face and ran away. The moon has been around a long time and has never tried to rip anyone off. The moon does not care who you want to touch or what color you are. The moon treats everyone the same. The moon never tries to get in on the guest list or use your name to impress others. Be like the moon. When others insult or belittle in an attempt to elevate themselves, the moon sits passively and watches, never lowering itself to anything that weak. The moon is beautiful and bright. It needs no makeup to look beautiful. The moon never shoves clouds out of its way so it can be seen. The moon needs not fame or money to be powerful. The moon never asks you to go to war to defend it. Be like the moon.*

It’s a mantra to live by.
From Follow the link and learn how freaky this lunar tetrad stuff really is. Tonight will begin one of NINE tetrads this century, which is significant, because from A.D. 1300 to 1900 there were NONE. Six hundred years, a few in the 20th century, and the 21st century hits the jackpot. IMPORTANT: Times in the graphic are UT, or Greenwich Mean Time. The eclipse gets going at 2 a.m. EDT, which means midnight where I am in Colorado. Folks on the Left Coast won’t have to miss as much sleep, as it will start at 11 p.m. there.

*Solipsist Copyright © 2009, 2013 by Henry Rollins. I’d link to the book but Colorado isn’t on the Amazon affiliates program, so look it up yourself if you’re interested.