Friday, February 28, 2014

It’s the Last Day of the Month – Say Something!

Usually I have the taxes done by this time. I hope to remember to start them sometime today. I still have to go to the bank’s Web site to get some forms.

I’ve got at least two e-mails to write. Funny how I used to do so many a day, now it’s quite the event if I do one at all. Two? Well. We’ll weave these into the schedule somehow.

I thought I might be done with Grace Among the Dead by now. I’d be a lot more perturbed about this, but I’ve learned the work tells me what to do, and if it says take 20 more pages, that’s what I’ve already done by this point, with miles to go before I sleep. 

So far, as of this very week, I’ve done what I set out to do after Bleeding Kansas: taken my narrative another notch darker, another notch more violent. By way of counterpoint, the narrative is also far sunnier in general outlook, especially in regards to whether the human race deserves saving or not. 

Enjoy this while it lasts, because I have plans for the third book in the series.

It’s Friday, which means I work through tonight. Like I did the night before, and the night before that. My naps in between sessions are getting shorter. I will finish this.

I can’t get enough of Matt Dixon’s vixens. Please buy his 2014
calendar so he won’t be too mad at me for using his images here.
Art Copyright © 2014 by Matt Dixon.
Meanwhile., for posterity’s sake, I note the passing of Estela’s Mexican Restaurant on 8th Street in Colorado Springs. They were rated as having the best margaritas in town several times by the local alt-weekly, but I know them best for having warmest chemistry among any work staff I have observed. 

My daughter worked there, and since her car got totaled by some wrong-way idiot last fall I’ve been ferrying her back and forth. It was a nice break for this old basement-dwelling crank to sit at the bar and knock back Pacificos and Bohemias while waiting for her to finish cleaning, listening to the waitstaff banter with one another as they shut it all down.

All things must pass, as this week’s late birthday boy observed.

Meanwhile, I have pages to slay before going in to say goodbye. And then there’s those e-mails, the taxes (I need that refund, like, yesterday)’s the end of the month, though, and February at that. I figured I should say something. So, with that out of the way....