Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bleary Bright Saturday

Is it Saturday already? I went to bed early last night, thinking it might help. The Benadryl would keep me down and allow me to wake up at a decent hour. I slept nine hours. It was 10:30 when I got up. 

I wrote five pages yesterday and I’m still a ways away from my Ultimate Boss Fight. Still a ways away from finishing the book. What am I doing on this blog?

Just checking in. I’m 211 pages into Grace Among the Dead, as in “starting page 212.” The second edition of Bleeding Kansas is 214 pages but this one will be a wee bit longer. This is my Empire Strikes Back, my Godfather II, my sequel to surpass the original.

Having thus talked myself up it’s time to drop, give myself a round of pushups and crunches, and plant my ass back in the chair. February will be the month Grace Among the Dead goes to the publisher. I’ve only got so many days left.

Better get steppin’!
Coming Soon! (Image courtesy of the Hollywood Sign Generator.)