Monday, March 03, 2014

Sweatin' My First Four-Star Review

I sneak over to Bleeding Kansas’ Amazon page and I’m horrified to see some color bled out of the fifth star:

Dear God, no! My first bad review!

Well, not really:

Actually, a four-star review is a healthy thing. A lot of e-books out there have a dozen or so five-star reviews and after a while you realize these are all people from the author’s writers group. Which no self-respecting author should have anything to do with, but that’s a rant for another day.

The main thing is Amazon Customer liked what he or she saw. I just need a million more people like this and all of my troubles will be over.

As of this writing there are still a few hours left in the Kindle sale. Meanwhile, you can have the head-exploding cover in your hands for all of $10.76. I’m talking the recently released paperback edition! Man, it’s a beaut:

Grace Among the Dead is thisclose to being finished. I’m shooting for a daylight finish, just to see what that’s like, as opposed to jumping up and down and screaming for joy at 4:30 in the flippin’ a.m. 

Wish me luck.