Friday, March 11, 2016

Use a Shredder for Too-Sensitive Documents

Seriously, screw those silly little emo things.

I found this in a big, messy stack of paper in my shredder basket, among a bunch of other things I have no recollection of writing. Just another load of oh-dark-hundred drinkin’ and typin’, coming to absolutely nothing. Given the subject matter, and the dates on the other papers it was with, this is from early 2011, well before I wrote the first lines of what would become Chapter 1 of Grace Among the Dead in November of that same year.

Check me out going full-metal Pat Conroy with that “where the sky is permitted full assault” crap. Sweet mother of Muses, if this prose was any more purple it’d disappear into ultraviolet. I don’t remember tossing this into my shredder basket anymore than I do writing it. However, I’m heartened by this evidence demonstrating that, whatever state I was in, I knew bad writing when I saw it. After these last ten days, I need all the encouragement I can get.

Still, just in case, I’ll Copyright © the text displayed on the above image 2011, 2016 by Lawrence Roy Aiken. Ya never know.