Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meet the Fab Furry Four

...or the Four Fluffies of the Apocalypse. The most chill apocalypse you ever did see.

Left to right: Jack, Otis, Puff, and Mick.
I was coming up the stairs from my basement office last month, despairing for not having a blog post to put up, when I saw my cats in the sun. And I—very cynically, I note—decided I’d make a cat post. Cats in the sun, looking overexposed in the midday light coming in through the window. Call it “Overexposed Cats on the Internet.” Woo-hoo. I felt I had to do something. I was losing my mind for not being able to focus.
Otis the Elderkitty.

Well, bless me, it was a hit. One of the most popular posts of the month. Almost as popular as my zombie fiction excerpts.

So I thought, not so cynically, maybe we all really needed this. It felt good to think and write about my cats for a change. I’m rather fond of them, which should make the posts easy to write. They each have their stories. Why not tell them?

You know it beats talking about the current election cycle and the latest tragedies and travesties at home and abroad. For my part, I decided a while ago that terror, horror, grue, and general negativity belong in my zombie books and nowhere else in my life. Drama is fine for movies and TV shows. Nowhere else, though. We all need an oasis of calm in a world with a media that trolls us for extreme reactions 24/7.
Mickey D. Mouseslayer

By that rationale, putting up photos of my cats isn’t shameless clickbait. It’s a necessary public service.

So meet Otis the Elderkitty, Mickey D. Mouseslayer, Handsome Jack the Halloween Cat, and Lily the Puff. They’re going to be making our Mondays a little easier to take for as long as I can make up posts about them.

Also, I get to challenge my photography skills. Which aren’t much, I’ll admit, but getting my mind on something other than writing actually helps with the writing when I’m stuck. Who knows, maybe I’ll get good with this Canon PowerShot S95. 

In any event, we all get to look at some fine felines, and that’s one for the Win column.
Handsome Jack the Halloween Cat

Lily the Puff