Monday, February 01, 2016

Happy New Month!

One month ago, we brought in January with fireworks. Now, we think, “Oh, it’s February already. Can’t wait for this winter to be over.” 

Me, I’m working towards the day when I can bring in every month with fireworks and sparkling wine. As for today, I’m watching the snow pile up in my basement window well and plotting a battle between a cleverer-than-most zombie horde and battle armor, with Apache attack ‘copters thrown in for corspe-‘splodin’ flavor.

I’ve got the camera set at the right height on the tripod and the floor marked with tape so I know where to put it. My first podcast/video/whatever the hell you call it should be up within the week. I have no idea what I’ll talk about. Like everyone else, I’ll pick a theme, and take it from there. Scripting this will take way too much time, so it will be improv all the way.

The battery in the camera is fully charged. All I have to do is press that button and we’re off to the races.
For the love of God, someone please buy my books so I can afford more presentable pajama bottoms.

Let’s see what happens. Tonight, it’s between me and Chapter 31. Let’s see who walks out the other end of it all.