Thursday, February 04, 2016

More Faces of February

The sunshine after the storm, the snow-smothered aftermath

This is late morning on the day after Groundhog Day. This is the difference full sunshine makes. It’s too cold, and there’s too much snow for the sun to make an immediate difference in melting all this, though.

I took this photo of America’s Mountain™ (Pikes Peak, you philistines) from my bedroom window.

I had to take the Jeep out on some errands. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this much snow. We’ve been in Colorado nine years as of today, and they’d had a snowstorm like this a few days before we arrived that made the neighborhood roads look like this. That’s the last time I saw the roads this way.

 This is the first time I’ve seen a buried vehicle, though, and I lived for three years in Anchorage.

There’s a story here. A very short story. We’ll let the photo do the talking.

Here’s hoping you’re having a better time of it. For my part, it’s at least pretty out here.