Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie’s Final Dramatic Turn

No, I dont think “Lazarus” is coming back this time. Ironic, right?

Producer Tony Visconti avers that the “Lazarus” song and accompanying video comprise Bowie’s statement on his impending death to his fans. The song isn’t the strongest thing lyrically or musically — like stuff so many musical Elder Statesmen make past a certain point, it’s not bad so much as forgettable — but the video is haunting in every sense of the word.

Sitting at a desk stabbing away at a piece of paper with a pen while Death scowls and points fingers from the shadows below is something Bergman wished he came up with. Pretty much sums up the whole existential enchilada. In the end, you’re backing into that same dark wardrobe we saw Death come out of in the beginning. I didn’t see Narnia at the back of that thing, either. So it goes, as another favorite dead man observed. So it goes. 

Funny thing, when I saw Bowie’s face that first time in the video I was like, “Whoa, Ziggy, you’re lookin’ rough. Like you got one foot in the — oh, yeah. Crap.”