Monday, June 30, 2014

Half-Time 2014

While I’m calibrating my brain to handle one last read-through on Grace Among the Dead, the step-up sequel to Bleeding Kansas, I figured I should post something to the ol’ blog. I came so close to catching up with posts this month. But, as the dead man said, life is what happens when you make other plans.

Which isn’t to say this is all bad. As much as I’d like to have my book out already, I’m not yet in a position to say no to temp jobs when they come up. As much as they cramp my style, I imagine bankruptcy, homelessness, etc., would do me far worse. 

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do—and if that man doesn’t want to work temporary wage-slave gigs, he’d better make the books he’s writing extra-special good. Thing is, I can’t do anything when I come home from the fundraiser. My mind is wired and my body is tired. 

So, we wait. And here we are, halfway through the year already. Summer feels like it just got started. As Pastor Bryce of the Abundant Life settlement in Grace Among the Dead points out, though, our survival this winter depends on how much get done these next eight weeks. For my part, much depends on what I do over the next 48 hours.

The first 24 of these are shot, so if a bunch of posts start turning up, that’s just me playing catch-up while my brain re-aligns, and my powers of concentration recharge. Just a heads up.