Sunday, June 08, 2014

Can’t Catch a Break in the Sunflower State

Even with the bright yellow title copy, the cover hardly screams “Kansas.” The image tends to shout it down.

In this case Pulp Covers failed its stated mission as “The Best of the Worst” because this cover art is frankly, simply, the Best. One certainly can’t hold it against them.

Mine’s not a “Startling Story of Science At War With Alien Life-Forms” but a Most Compelling Tale of Action and Adventure Among the Living Dead. My cover also has an exploding head. I think we can all agree that nothing livens a party like an exploding head:

Available in Kindle and paperback. (The virtual Kindle reader for PCs and phones is free in case you need it.) The sequel, Grace Among the Dead, is due out in, oh, maybe three more weeks. It’s with the publisher, so eventually you’ll have even more post-apocalyptic mayhem to get you through your summer.

Hell Comes to the Heartland in BLEEDING KANSAS!

And soon...

In the Heart of Darkest Horror You Will Find GRACE AMONG THE DEAD!