Sunday, June 15, 2014


This is the second book in The Saga of the Dead Silencer series, so why not two exploding heads? Let’s hope no one is confused by the stylistic similarity to the first book’s cover. Adding a third exploding head to the third book will save a step in the production of the third and last book.

Because, honestly, all I really want to do is write these things. Marketing as a writer is like being a politician in office; too much of your time is spent fundraising as opposed to enacting any particular political vision. It’s even more toxic when you’re a writer trying to construct a plausible artistic vision. (Yes, I take my zombie novels very seriously. They’ve got my name on ‘em in big red letters, after all.)

Anyway, Grace Among the Dead should be out in a couple of weeks, at most. As soon as I finish playing Accept/Deny edits on the galleys, which turned out to be 274 pages as their margins made it. Alas, I got sidetracked by a beautifully quiet and salubrious Father’s Day. I’ll do what I can to catch up tomorrow.