Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tweets for the Historically Curious

I don’t do much with my Twitter account, but there are a few people I follow who make having it worthwhile. One of these is @1813now, which tweets quotes from notable personalities of the day as they are made precisely two centuries ago, as well as “breaking news” of the time.

As of this writing we are precisely 200 years from the War of 1812 and Lord Byron in his strutting prime. I hope the person or persons responsible for this continue on into 1814. This is proof of the great good that can be done on the Internet by capable people who care:

I’ll grant that this won’t be for everyone. But it sure is for me.

As seen in the header for the @1813now account, the creators sponsor an excellent Web site, pastnow: History, Arts and Stuff, which is far more comprehensive as befits the format. Whenever current events get me down (which is often enough), I’ll escape there, and maybe pick up some perspective along the way. The love for the subject matter alone is inspiring.