Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anthem for a New Year: Roxy Music’s “The Thrill of It All”

This little masterpiece by Bryan Ferry and Co. opened 1974’s Country Life album, and it’s a good choice to open your New Year. I love the breaks in the song where Andy McKay’s saxophone does a sweet li’l devil’s lounge boogie, as ghostly falsetto voices augment Bryan Ferry’s vocal:
And before you go to sleep at night
Preying shadows—do they ask you why?
And in the morning through the afternoon
Do you wonder where you’re going to?
Most people don’t think of themselves as people with a mission when they’re working their day jobs. If we’re going to bust out of our respective ruts, we need to stop thinking like most people. Simple, right? Easily said, anyway.

Like the best anthems it runs on a driving beat and a sense of gotta-have-it urgency. If this doesn’t do it for you—or even if it does—I’ve got links to a couple more songs after the embed:

For a “let’s get that brass ring!” adrenaline pumper, you can never go wrong with Republica’s “Ready to Go.” Or more Roxy Music, in this case the 2001 live version of “Both Ends Burning.” The go-go dancers who appear at 1:11 and leave before the coda restore the heat to my blood whenever I feel a little too chill. This is my go-to video whenever I’m in the least little danger of feeling down.

Happy New Year!