Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses’ Finest Track and Christmas Jam

Alas, this is out of print. There’s someone on Amazon
who will sell it to you new for $118, though.
Befitting their status as critics’ darlings, Kristen Hersh and her band Throwing Muses are generally a dismal chore of a listen. I sought out their music upon hearing this track on Rhino Records New Wave Xmas compilation and heard nothing more than badly produced, unfocused compositions with lots of Yoko Ono-esque squawking.

There’s some of that Yoko Ono vocalizing on “Santa Claus” but the production is bright, the drums are tight, and Ms. Hersh shows her guitar chops to superb effect. The lyrics are stoner-weird, but the way Hersh works her repeater pedal, with the band bringing the drama in full effect behind her, makes it all worthwhile. Altogether, it’s a great Christmas anthem, and one I’ll have on loop in my head as I do my Christmas shopping on this Last Chance Christmas Eve. “Santa Claus” was Throwing Muses’ finest moment, and now it’s yours: