Friday, May 03, 2013

State of the Apocalypse, Five-Three-Thirteen Edition

In the spirit of writing stuff just to be writing stuff because the more stuff you write the better it gets: that’s the hypothesis I’m testing here....

I didn’t even know Wednesday was Wednesday, which meant I missed the first half of the latest Supernatural, the only “appointment show” on my TV schedule. On the bright side, I got the garbage bin out on the curb in time for its scheduled Thursday pickup. So there’s that.

Yet all week long Bleeding Kansas just lay there bleeding. I had engineered the final confrontation, I had set the stakes for Derek Grace. But the tactical details of the battle haven’t come together. I know how it’s supposed to end. I just can’t quite find my way to it. 

It’s gonna be a long Friday night here in Rage ‘n’ Romance HQ. And a long Saturday morning. Into afternoon. Until I break on through to the other side. The denouement will a take all of a day. And then I can print the whole mess, drive it over to my favorite sports bar, and feast on half-price happy hour appetizers and three dollar drafts while doing the final run-through.

In other news I found the 2010 remaster of the original David Bowie mix of Iggy and The Stooges’ Raw Power at my local library. It’s nice to have the two for comparison’s sake. Iggy’s mix made it sound like the songs were playing through blown speakers. Still, there were elements in the songs that worked better in that mix than in Bowie’s. I dunno. I should rip them all to my player and see how the different versions present themselves as they surface on Shuffle. It was hard to make fine distinctions listening to it in the Jeep.

Oh, the places you’ll go! The people you’ll eat!