Monday, May 20, 2013

My Time in Zombie Writer’s Camp XIV: The CONFEDERATION Project

A little followup/epilogue to the action inside the main building at New Bethany megachurch, in which a malefactor gets her comeuppance. Or, more precisely, “come-eat-ance.” Run the boilerplate!

In 2008 James Robert Smith and I collaborated on a project we hoped would turn out to be the Winesburg, Ohio of zombie epics, a mosaic tale describing the communities coming together (and squaring off against one another) in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. For various reasons the collaboration fell apart. Bob took his part of the narrative — which included his idea of a border collie manipulating the other abandoned dogs and zombies — and crafted The Living End. I scuffled around for a couple of more years until I came up with The Saga of the Dead Silencer.

For those readers who were following the first part of my saga, Bleeding Kansas, and miss having something nasty-mean to read, here’s the fourteenth installment I wrote for the project. Of course, if you like this, feel free to pick up Bob’s completed work. Support your local architects of the apocalypse!


Robin awoke to the sound of approaching footsteps. Great, about goddamned time! Mark would make them pay for this. Elder’s mistress, hell. If that dumb soccer twat only knew!

She saw the security guard leaning over her. Another staggered behind him, his face bloodied. Crazy sick-ass bitches, no telling how they did it but they’d gotten through them.

“About time! You got your people after those... people, I hope.”

The first guard’s head bobbed loosely as he knelt beside her. Robin took it for a nod.

“Let me take my time getting up, all right? My head’s splitting.”

The guard pulled on her arm. He got another hand under her armpit.

“Let go, I’m fine! I just need a little —”

The teeth closed sharply into her flesh. Robin screamed as the incisors tore, the molars ground into the bone. She screamed louder as the second one fell to his knees and pulled at her hair, the better to line up her face with his.

His face —!

God the lobby’s just over there there’s people over there why don’t they hear me why don’t they come dear god where is everybody?

"Peopllllllle...people who eat peoplllllllle...are the most wonderful peopllllllle of alllllllllll!"

Copyright © 2008, 2017 by Lawrence Roy Aiken

The Living End © 2017 by James Robert Smith