Monday, May 27, 2013

BLEEDING KANSAS in Post-Production

At 4:05 a.m. MDT Friday, 25 May, I finished it. Bleeding Kansas, my second novel, and the first in the Saga of the Dead Silencer trilogy, is getting the final blue-pencil before I send it off to Severed Press tonight.

I’ve taken down all the full chapters on this site. I’ll publish little excerpts here and there, but to get the full shootin’ ‘n’ ‘splodin’ experience that is Bleeding Kansas, you’ll have to buy the book. Which will still cost less than that beer you’re buying at the bar after happy hour, or even that spendy, syrupy coffee-like concoction you bought at Starshmucks this morning—and with its mobs of hungry dead, shootings and mutilations, Bleeding Kansas should prove to be far, far more satisfying. Unlike the beer or the ur-coffee, you can savor the mayhem again and again. How’s that for value?

In lieu of the normal book cover that’s running the risk of being overexposed, here’s a GIF of three inebriated young women dancing. Happy Harlan Ellison’s Birthday! Which I honor by getting back to work....

A scene I would have liked to have seen at my wrap party last night. Minus all those other people, of course.