Wednesday, August 02, 2017

New Year in August

The Ski-Hi Stampede Rodeo weekend came and went, and despite some unusually soggy weather in the afternoon and evenings, was probably the best attended in a while, if ever. I was here for the one last year, and that seemed a low-key affair compared to this time. It’s not just the rodeo going big, though. 
Already looking forward to the next thing. Artist E. Sprouse-Rowe is all over the Valley with her quick-draw art. She’s refreshingly prompt, with her Stampede promo art down and this up by Tuesday.

The valley seems to be taking in more traffic than last year. There are more house-sized recreational vehicles towing SUVs down US 160 than you can conceive of even existing, nearly half a million dollars and more of hardware rolling down the road, one after another. Every other license plate is from New Mexico or Texas. On Saturdays, entire squadrons of motorcycles brap through town.
The quiet is almost eerie, given that this road has been rockin’ since shortly after June got going. Since the rodeo left town Sunday night it’s as if someone turned off the spigot. Of course, school starts any day now, depending on where you live.

Maybe I’m just noticing it this time out, given the distractions of having just moved in last summer. I’ve always had a feeling about this place, though. I told my wife the San Luis Valley would be the next big thing in this state. The summers are simply too pleasant, the scenery outside of town too spectacular, and there is so much available real estate to be had for a song. 
Most of that available real estate looks a lot better than this, too. I took this photo because I liked how the lilac paint job looked in the late afternoon light.

I regret not having made it to the actual rodeo, nor anything else other than the Friday and Saturday morning parades. We’re low on funds, and I’m frantically working up my nerve to do the videos and get the Patreon page up. Meanwhile, I’ve redone the blog, adding pages to the tabs below the banner. It took me long enough, but I finally figured out how to make Blogger’s label system work for me. 

In the course of going through my blogposts, I’ve noticed I’ve got a lot more than “Zombies, music, and fits of observational Tourettes” going on.” Although my novel excerpts outnumber everything else, there is still enough content under each tab to keep non-zombie fans occupied. I do enjoy taking my happy snaps, trying to get a striking shot. If I could only raise enough money to afford a DSLR and all the lenses necessary to the kind of photographs I want to capture...well, after I get out from underneath some credit card debt. Hence the Patreon.
I’m going to miss these walks to Chapman Park to walk laps on the quarter-mile trail once it gets cold, which won’t be long now. It was a short summer, Charlie Brown.

There’s a lot that needs to happen this month if I’m getting through the winter. All this and the third book in my SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER series. Nothing to do now but to do it. So....
The road is calling. It says, “Put away the camera, go home, and get back to work.”