Friday, September 02, 2016

Return to Colorado Springs, Part 3

Being the third part of an illustrated mope through the upper San Luis Valley (Part 1), then the upper Arkansas River Valley (Part 2). Will I make it to Colorado Springs by the end of this post? 

Electric mashed potatoes piling behind the ridge. This is how the worst of them start. We’re westbound on US 50, on our way out of Big Horn Sheep Canyon. 

I needed the rest in Cotopaxi more than I knew, because the drive through Cañon City towards CO 115 north to Colorado Springs would slow me down at least as badly as Big Horn Sheep Canyon.

Meanwhile, the clouds were building in the northeast. Right in that part of the northeast I’d be driving to. I cursed myself for leaving so late, and for taking this protracted route.
At this point, I’m taking photos of the building clouds. I didn’t think to happysnap the prison or any of the other “attractions” in Cañon City.

It was while I was in Cañon City, waiting at yet another stoplight, that I realized I had been on the road for over two hours. It took an awful long time before I finally got past the metro area and to CO 115 North.

I’m at the top of the exit ramp, waiting to make my turn. This is the southern view. That’s one wicked looking plume coming off that band of clouds.

This what I will be driving into. Although Colorado Springs is well to the right in this photo, that's where those building clouds are going, too.

NEXT: At long last.

NEXT: To the Springs and Back (yes, this will be the end of it).