Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hard (Rotting, Smelly, Carnivorous) Numbers

In Bleeding Kansas, Gitmo Gutiérrez lays out the central problem of life in the post-Final Flu apocalypse:

“I tell you, I understand one more thing Kerch did not. You can’t take on thirty to fifty thousand of the dead with a few dozen people. Not at a hundred per day, and sure as hell not at a thousand a day. We can run and cull herds here and there, sure, but you are always losing people doing this. Always. There are simply too many. We will run out of people before you put all the muertos down.”

These words, like undead chickens, are coming home to roost in my final SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER book, The Wrong Kind of Dead. Meanwhile, browse the site, read some excerpts, maybe buy the books. For less than the price of a happy hour beer, you’ll have hours of gory, gooey, shootin’ and ‘splody entertainment to hold you over until The Walking Dead comes back on.

You could do so much worse. You could be living it. Also, don’t forget:

Just two, three words, like “Groovy kills!” or “Savage fun!” will do it. You wouldn’t be lying, either. Reviews build cred with the Amazon folk. The more positive reviews I get, the more promotion they’ll afford me, the more books I’ll sell, and the more kibble I can buy for my cats. Also, beer costs more here in the San Luis Valley. Just sayin’.