Wednesday, September 14, 2016

An Unexpected Enhancement to My Productivity

I already knew cats furnished a room, but this is seriously next-level.

I’ve discovered it’s impossible to linger at the Internet morning rage-reading with a kitten sprawled tube-like and tiger-striped across my lap. Typing, however, is feasible, so long as I maintain posture. Little Luna is actually helping my productivity. I don’t recommend lap kittens for everyone, but this particular feline is certainly working for me.

In other news, she’s had her first trip to the veterinarian, who informs us that our girl is nearly six months old and in excellent health. We’ve scheduled Luna’s spaying for just two days after the colonoscopy I’m having the day after my birthday. It’s an odd, if not obtuse way to celebrate a birthday, but we’re getting as much as we can out of the way before the killing cold sets in, which comes much sooner to the San Luis Valley than it does most places.

No way this baby is sleeping in the garage. What on earth was I thinking?

Luna does move a bit as she sleeps. I have to take care she doesn’t pour feline-fluidly between my thigh and the side of the chair.