Saturday, July 11, 2015

Impressed by the Official Trailer to FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

I’m generally ambivalent about The Walking Dead TV series, but this trailer actually has me excited for the spinoff prequel set in Los Angeles. I love the change in venue, and the fresh, non-grody undead who have everyone fooled at first. Best of all is watching the collapse of civilization. 

True story: I wrote the book that became Grace Among the Dead first, but decided to write Bleeding Kansas and make it my first book because I love watching Babylon fall. Like the kid says at the latter part of this clip, when civilization goes, it goes fast. Cops in riot gear fighting the living dead? Oh yeah! Like The Walking Dead, the first season will be all of six episodes. Fear the Walking Dead should be screaming good fun for at least half of that. It starts 16 August, so U.S. zombie aficionados wont have long to wait to get their flesh-eating undead fix.

A big shout-out to all the zombie fans in the UK who are checking out my SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER. I hope all are sufficiently entertained, and stoked for the conclusion, which promises to be utterly barking-zombie mad. Stay tuned.