Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Halloween'd Bookshelf, 2013 Edition

A while back a writer whose name I have forgotten was helping other writers publicize themselves on his blog by submitting photos of their bookshelves. I liked the idea, but again, I’ve forgotten the man’s name, and for all I know the promotion is long over. So I’ll post my own photos.

I have three bookshelves in my office. This is the tall Sam’s Club cheapie by the door:

Below is the first shelf, which is comprised of mainly of sentimental favorite books from my childhood. In the stack of books on the far left of the picture are the surviving James Blish Star Trek original series script adaptations I used to collect. I never thought much of Blish’s adaptations, but I loved the covers, especially the painted ones that appeared after the third collection. 

Star Trek 2 is the first book I bought with my own money, in the summer of 1971 when I was nine years old. It cost me 63 cents. The Making of Star Trek (clearly visible as the second book below the tribble) was the first book I ordered by mail, out of the back pages of an Eerie horror comics magazine. It arrived three days after Christmas in 1972, making that particular Yule extra special. It would also turn out to be the first book I finished reading over 400 pages, which felt like quite the accomplishment for eleven-year-old me.

The following are details of some of the objects. The Moon-Faced Man is the seasonal decoration. The Space Pod and the Robot from Lost in Space—Johnny Lightning/Playing Mantis toys that appeared briefly by way of promoting the 1997 movie—are on the job year-round.

The tiny, busted Enterprise is from a busted Franklin Mint piece that I’ve yet to figure out how to fix, as the parts seem impervious to glue, including Super Glue. So I leave it on the shelf as a crash site. In this case, I like to think it crashed off of the Moon-Faced Man’s largish face. And Robot’s standing there like, “Wait, what?”

Yeah, he thinks it’s hilarious. The li’l stinker!

The trinity in the far right corner bears notice. I love the little rubber Death with the pin-point red eyes. He was originally a flashlight for kids to use while trick-or-treating, but his battery died.

What, me creepy?

On to the second shelf....

The trick-or-treating cat with the skull candy bucket has this neat, old-fashioned craft look to it.

The detail on the hat is creepy-sweet.

It was made in China for Hobby Lobby. A faux-Americana papier-mache mass-produced “craft piece” from where they mass-produce everything else. I wonder who thought to do this. Someone had to come up with the design. Anyway, I like it. It works for what it is.

Below is yet another one of my wife’s finds somewhere. She picked this up during our time in California. We’ve had this one since 1991 so it’s a veritable antique as far as mementos of our marriage go.

I don’t know what this little guy’s story is. He does look good in front of those books, though.

Season’s Greetings!