Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed Dead at 71

If all he ever did was this 1989 album he’d be
legendary in my book. Yes, I know, he did
so much more. I’d like to be alone with it, please. 
First reaction: surprised, but not all that much. Lou Reed was 71 but looked like 91. The man had lived harder and faster for longer than most humans with normal livers and kidneys can survive, and that stuff takes its toll. He left behind some timeless jewels in a large and very mixed body of work.  Who else can say they hung out with Andy Warhol at his 1960s peak of fame, recorded with Metallica and David Bowie, and even married Laurie Anderson? Respect.

Here’s the link to the Rolling Stone obituary, very well done for something written in a hurry. Reqiescat in pace, Lou. And thanks.

P.S.: I’ve always observed the 27th of October as the birthday of poets Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. Now I must add “the day Lou Reed died” to that observance. What a day, huh? This should haunt us clear through Halloween.