Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Halloween'd Bookshelf, and a Sexy Witch

All of a sudden there’s this burst in traffic—three digits!—and I’m thinking, how do I keep the hits coming?

So here’s another picture of a decorated bookshelf in my office. Or, as I call this installation, “The Yellow Submarine Upon Waves of Mark Twain Encounters a Grinning, Glowing Gourd Upon a Stack of Dante, Bukowski, and Steinbeck.” Suck it, Banksy:

This is a photograph I found in my computer titled “Ann Miller the Sexy Witch.” I have no idea who this woman is but it’s apparent how she got in my computer. I like a pretty woman with nothing to prove, whose smile tells you everything you need to know. Plus, she’s dressed like a witch in a one-piece bathing suit. We’ve got a theme! 

...and let’s quit while we’re ahead. Happy Saturday, everyone! Go out and get yourself something to drink, turn up some music and enjoy it.