Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Halloween'd Bookshelf, and a Sexy Witch

All of a sudden there’s this burst in traffic—three digits!—and I’m thinking, how do I keep the hits coming?

So here’s another picture of a decorated bookshelf in my office. Or, as I call this installation, “The Yellow Submarine Upon Waves of Mark Twain Encounters a Grinning, Glowing Gourd Upon a Stack of Dante, Bukowski, and Steinbeck.” Suck it, Banksy:

This is a photograph I found in my computer titled “Ann Miller the Sexy Witch.” I have no idea who this woman is but it’s apparent how she got in my computer. I like a pretty woman with nothing to prove, whose smile tells you everything you need to know. Plus, she’s dressed like a witch in a one-piece bathing suit. We’ve got a theme! A timely one, at that:

...and let’s quit while we’re ahead. I’m running low on Kaley Cuoco pics. Happy Saturday, everyone! Go out and get yourself something to drink, turn up some music and enjoy it!