Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cover to the German Language Edition of BLEEDING KANSAS

The good people at Severed Press sent this to me last night. The German publisher is a separate entity so the translation and the promo art are out of our hands.

Still, I have to say I like this, bib overalls and all. Even if Derek Grace’s preferred weapon is a panga (one million dead and amputee Rwandans can’t be wrong), the gun-in-each-fist and bustin’-out-of-the-frame design accurately reflects the spirit of two-fisted adventure in which I wrote the book.

Despite my Anglo surname my ancestral background is largely German, so I’m pleased as punch I’ve got this much of a psychic toe back in der Vaterland. It would be a dream come true if I got popular enough to have some zombie/horror club there invite me over for a convention. 

But that’s just a dream. In reality Bleeding Kansas is one of many books the Australian-based Severed Press has sold for the German translation rights. Which means there is a market for zombie fiction there, and I’m one of many competing for market love. I get why zombie fiction is big in the Anglosphere—but do the same reasons apply to Germany? If I might hazard a guess, I’d say, “Sure! Everything stinks everywhere. Just like us, they’d prefer a zombie apocalypse to the more banal apocalypse we’re suffering through now” but that’s presumptuous. I’d really love to have some natives explain this to me.

In the meantime I can only hope the translators knew what to do with the American Vulgate in which I wrote the book, and that my German readers connect with the story. I need to get off the damn Internet and get back to work on the sequel.

For less than the price of a beer! And you
will need that beer to settle your nerves
after all the pulse-pounding action you'll
read here.
Of course, if you read American Vulgate, like zombies, and don’t mind a cover created and designed by the author (with an assist from his Photoshop-literate offspring), we’ll always have Amazon. I’m especially partial to the paperback edition as it makes me feel like a “real” writer, but the Kindle version can be had for less than it costs to buy yourself a beer at your favorite happy hour bar. Then again, both versions have great “price points” (as the better-dressed hustlers call it now) so why give yourself a headache over the decision? Buy both! This unemployable middle-aged crank working from his Colorado basement will ruv you rong time! His family will also be grateful, if only to keep that horrible snarling thing in the basement where it belongs.

I have links to excerpts from Bleeding Kansas below. If these don't make you want to buy the book then maybe you're more of an Eat, Pray, Love fan. No hard feelings:

Just enough to whet your appetite for more undead flesh.
Most of you have read this already. The full chapter, of course, is even more of a scream.
I hate those damn teenagers. Always setting my stuff on fire!
Another excerpt, another street full of smoldering corpses. Move along!