Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Interview in ZOMBIE HORRORS!

My good friend and fellow toiler in the vineyards of the macabre, James Robert Smith, has relaunched his old Zombie Horrors blog and, bless his heart, his inaugural issue features someone near and dear to our hearts, namely, me.

Mr. Smith’s preferred interview format is one question, which the interviewed writer is invited to answer at length. Here, I rhapsodize about the comparative desirability of apocalypses, specifically how our own current economic apocalypse stacks up to the fictional zombie apocalypse.  I should copy, paste and print my answer, then pin it on the wall over my desk as my mission statement, a prĂ©cis of my Manifesto for a Better Zombie Apocalypse. Yeah, it’s that good, and I am saying so, myself. Check it out.