Thursday, July 27, 2017


These tall gangly flowers grow tall on the south face of my house, and are generally seen throughout Monte Vista. The town of Saguache, just up the road from us on US 285, is having a festival dedicated to these beauties on Saturday. They even have a contest for best-looking yard, something I’d like to see a lot of towns get behind, mine included.

What brings us to this post is a day this week when I was wandering around the southwest part of town on my way to Chapman Park, and encountered this host of red, white, pink, and green monsters, looking for all the world like a mob of tall flower-faced aliens massed along the side of one yard.

I must say, I am rather taken by these things. They’re big, they’re sturdy, and they stay blooming and beautiful for weeks. They’re a nice touch to the short-but-sweet growing season here in the San Luis Valley.

Yes, this is eye-level.

What especially impressed me about this scene was the demonstration of toughness, the stalks coming right out of the seams of the curb and sidewalk. It’s a living parable, a wordless tale of encouragement from life itself.

Imagine the shots I would have gotten with a good DSLR as opposed to a pocket digital. I should start a Patreon.