Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Our Cats Got Nothin’ But Love

It’s late, I know, but why wait until next Monday? Yes, I realize I could write all of these feline folios in advance and schedule them for automatic posting, but where’s the fun in that?

I’d rather celebrate the love I see among the animals I share my living and working spaces with. Like us (relatively) hairless apes, our cats don’t always get along. But sometimes even Mickey the loner joins in the cat pile.

Mickey says, “I don’t always sleep with one eye open. But I probably should among these clowns.”

These images of Otis and Mick together are even rarer, as these two alphas have never fully gotten along. It’s as sad as it is ironic, given that Mick was the second cat we got, and for the sole purpose of keeping Otis company while my wife and I worked our separate jobs outside the house. 

Otis was initially hostile towards Mick, as he never was to our later additions to the family. Mick, in turn, has teased and tormented the elder Otis, especially as Otis began losing the speed, agility, and strength he frequently used and abused on Mick. They tolerate each other now. 

For his part, Mick only tolerates the other cats. He’s one of those who would have been happier as someone’s one and only cat. As we are not of a mind to throw Mick out in vague hopes that he might find such a home, we dote on him when we can, and let him know he’s as loved as the rest of them. Which he is.

And so every now and then I come upon a scene like this, and I realize it might not be as bad as I’m making it out to be. I suppose something had to give after nearly eight years with us.

“What? Stop looking at us like that. Go away.”

Three is the usual number for a cat pile, but every now and then you’ll see all four together. When I see this I back out of the room slowly and run like hell for my camera. It’s like a solar eclipse. Such phenomena do occur, but they’re rare.

I consider it a sign of good luck to come into my office and find all of them on the futon like this.

I obviously didn’t see that yesterday morning. I didn’t see it this morning, either. But I expect to again one day, and the surprise will make it all the more special.