Wednesday, May 06, 2015

BLEEDING KANSAS Among the Zompocalypse Elite in Germany

The German-language publisher of Bleeding Kansas, Luzifer Verlag, recently bundled my first book with two of the most highly rated books of the zombie apocalypse genre, S. Jonathan Davis’ 900 Miles and Jake Bible’s Z-Burbia. You can download three of the USA’s finest endzeit thrillers in German for the low price of 8,99 euros—not only from, but from another outlet called Thalia. That German readers have at least two outlets to choose from, as opposed to the usual One E-Store to Rule Them All, impresses me no end.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in the English-language versions of my books (yes, you knew this was coming)’s a sample of Bleeding Kansas.

If you’re one of these people who will not buy e-books because of their notoriety for sucking sweaty horrorballs—I’m looking at you, UK horror fans—please be advised that I’m published by Severed Press, as well as translated by a German publisher. Note the links to the paperback versions on the Amazon pages.  We’re all about choice here. We’ll help you get your apocalypse on the way you like it.

The Saga of the Dead Silencer continues in GRACE AMONG THE DEAD: A Mighty Tale of Love and Redemption, of the Living Dead and a Monster Truck!

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Coming in 2017: THE WRONG KIND OF DEAD